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Practice Areas.

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  1. Availability searches.

  2. Registration Request:
    1. Conventional brands:
      • Nominative.
      • Figurative.
      • Mixed.
    2. Strategic request for non-conventional brands:
      • Auditory
      • Olfactory
      • Three-dimensional
      • Movement marks
      • Holographic
      • Gestural
  3. Oppositions: preparation and presentation of oppositions before the Trademark Office.
  4. Response to oppositions filed against filed registration applications.
  5. Preparation and Presentation of administrative appeals until exhausting the administrative route.
  6. Surveillance services for registration requests.
  7. Alert on the expiration of records.
  8. Renewal of records, both in ordinary and extraordinary period.
  9. Distinctive signs coexistence agreements.
  10. Cancellation action due to lack of use of trademark registration.
  11. Response to cancellation actions.
  12. Nullities of trademark registrations.
  13. Comprehensive management of trademark portfolios.
  14. Modifications, registration in the Intellectual Property registry, transfers, changes of the owner's name, change of address, mergers.
  15. Marketing contracts: Preparation of license contracts for use, sale, franchises, assignments, etc.
  16. Obtaining and recognizing brand awareness.
  17. Licenses of use.
  1. Patent applications under the different modalities:
    • Invention Patents.
    • Utility Models.
    • Industrial Designs.
    • Layouts / Integrated Circuits.
  2. Search in inventions and new technologies.
  3. FTO searches
  4. Presentation of National Patent applications or through the PCT.
  5. Answer to the technical-legal concepts of the Patentability Examinations of the patent offices and Technical-legal Argumentation.
  6. Presentation and defense of oppositions.
  7. Presentation of Appeals against Unfavorable Decisions (Denial or Concession) of the patent offices.
  8. Surveillance and payment information of annuities patents.
  9. Surveillance of Gazettes of Industrial Property.
  10. Modification of patent applications.
  11. Negotiation and licensing of patents.
  12. Actions for infringement of rights on new creations.
  13. Licenses of use.
  14. Nullities.

Application for registration and / or deposit of copyright works:

  1. Literary works.
  2. Thesis.
  3. Books.
  4. Cinematography.
  5. Computer programs.
  6. Contracts and other acts.
  7. Artistic works.
  8. Musical works.
  9. Audiovisual works.
Domain Names
  1. Domain name registration request.
  2. Renewal and maintenance of domain names.
  3. Preliminary injunctions against domain names that infringe Intellectual Property rights.
  4. Domain name location service.
  5. Domain name transfers.
  6. Advice and consultancy in effective management of domain names.
Health Register

Request for Health Records for:

  1. Food and drinks.
  2. Medicinal products.
  3. Cosmetics.
International Coverage

SORVILL is dedicated to registration, maintenance and protection of trademarks and patents in Bolivia from around the world, as well as the registration, maintenance and protection of Bolivian trademarks and patents across the globe. We have an extensive network of correspondents in almost all countries, which allow providing services in each of these territories.

National Coverage

SORVILL also provides IP services in the whole area of our country. We are skilled to handle trademark applications and other services related to Intellectual Property, through our Website, allowing the industrialist or trader a quick and efficient protection of their Trademark or Patent.

  1. Translations (Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, others).
  2. Legalizations (Senapi, Bolivian Foreign Ministry, consulates, embassies).
  3. Research.

Are The Following Areas:

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Are The Following Areas:

Are The Following Areas:

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